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Prague Spring Reviews

Hadassah Magazine:

"San Francisco police inspector Simon Wolfe is a Holocaust survivor who, as a Haganah avenger, assassinated Nazis in Europe. He originally came to the United States in 1952 as a Mossad agent sent to kill a former German mayor who had burned his town’s Jews in a synagogue. That mission was aborted, but now, years later, current events infringe on the present: Why does a congressional candidate whose son died suspiciously, want the boy’s death ruled an accident? And why is he using an ex-Nazi strongman to blackmail Wolfe about his past--he was a ghetto guard in Theresienstadt and originally entered the United States illegally--to stop the investigation?

When Wolfe consults with the dead boy’s psychiatrist--who happens to run an oral survivor history project--they find points of commonality, especially the moral dilemma they have both faced: When is it permissible to take a life? This is an intelligent novel that has humor as well as pain. "

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Jewish Book Council:

"This fast-paced detective story is distinctive in that it weaves two events in 1968--Berkeley’s student protests and the Czech uprising against the Soviet Union, for which the book is named, and mixes in flashbacks by the central character to his time as a prisoner in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. Inspector Simon Wolfe works for the San Francisco Police Department, and is a Holocaust survivor who was a member of the Mossad’s “Nokim,” a group that killed Nazis. When a congressman’s son is murdered, Wolfe’s attempts to solve the crime are inhibited by the police and the congressman as he is blackmailed about his past. He is further compromised by his feelings for the murder victim’s psychiatrist, who is a child of Holocaust survivors herself. Wolfe is a sympathetic character, though he is a loner with unshakable opinions. Wolfe’s insistence on following through with this case leads the reader to explore the ideas of political corruption, revenge, justice, and survival. "

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